With teasers leaking left and right of Ronnie Fieg’s upcoming projects with Nike -featuring shoes of yesteryear worn by Scottie Pippen and gear from a time where dudes sported sweat bands, baggy swishy pants with one pant leg up and bumped classics like Reasonable doubt -it has left many in the community with a mixed feeling.

On one hand not many were sweating Maestro’s before this latest KITH collab but here we are with a shoe thats no doubt dope and no doubt well executed but one that before the KITH collab drew little attention. Its one of those models that could be had for a decent price over the years but one that has recently shot through the roof since NYFW and its instances like these that rubs some in the shoe community the wrong way but it really shouldn’t. If anything, it will breath in new life to a model that while mostly ignored is historic and since you were already up on it before the beasts you should have a pair in the stash right? Right. Then there’s the animal hair Pippen 1? -Scratches head-

The flip side to that is how many in the community have advocated for the re release of certain footwear pieces for years and or certain clothing only to be shunned or mocked for it only to have someone like Ronnie come a long and some how magically make it a must have. In this instance you can clearly see where there could be some resentment – especially since acquiring these pieces will not be easy-. At the end of the day however its just clothing, its just hype. There will be thirst, it will come it will go and it will be on to the next. Take a look at some of the gems from the collection below and make sure to chime in as to how you feel about it.