Make no mistake, when it comes to Tennis Nike has always had a knack for doing things different. Over the past couple of years though there haven’t been a ton of Tennis shoe standouts the likes of which you would give a try on for every day use ( I understand thats not what they were designed for and I’ll get to that too). but the Nike Zoom Cage 3 HC is a true stand out from both a visual stand point and a technical standpoint. Features include a new full bootie construction with added padding around the collar to lock your ankles in with comfort, XDR outsoles -which come with a six-month durability guarantee- new kurim upper overlay with breathable mesh,a molded external heel construction to help lock in your feet and Nike’s Air Zoom cushioning to keep you low to the ground in combination with a responsive ride. While other brands have some great offerings as well, if you are looking for a solid tennis shoe with visuals that will keep you a standout on the court then this is a shoe you may want to consider. Designed for players of all levels you can pick these up now at Tenniswarehouse.