The Air Jordan XIII was the first Jordan I ever owned, it was also the first Jordan I ever bought with my own money and so it holds a very dear place in my heart. The Chutney XIII Low however was never majorly on my radar. Back in 98 when they dropped most people that wanted a wheat colored shoe (especially here in New York) opted for a pair of Classic Timberland boots and its probably why this 13 low went on to be deeply discounted. To this day I’ve never seen someone actually wearing them and outside of die hard enthusiasts for the Jordan line very few people really sought them out on the secondary market -until the last few years. They have however – like many Jordan’s that were once ignored- aged like a fine wine and in 2017 demand is actually pretty strong for them and for good reason. While Timb’s are still popular we live in a new age of fashion, one thats being driven on the back of the 90’s. This particular color way has become a stand out for a model that has become deeply loved by both fans and non fans of the Jordan lineup. While the 13 High’s for some reason have suffered in both the details and overall shape and quality over the years -IMO- the low’s of 2017 have so far re-invigerated interest in the line for those of us that have sat out on numerous bad quality releases. They have also paid attention to the details that made these shoes special to begin with and thats what will land these as a must have for 2017. Available 6/10 via NIKE INC.