Jimmy Jazz played host to Ewing Athletics & 2 Chainz yesterday for the launch of 2 Chainz upscale version of the Ewing 33 HI with Mikey Likes It Ice Cream on hand to serve a special 2 Chainz inspired ice cream flavor.

In the early 90’s the Ewing 33 HI was one of the most popular pieces of footwear on the streets of New York. They held a certain street credibility that few if any sneaker brands had. When asked 2 Chainz memories of the 33 HI growing up in Georgia he says “I remember kids around my way wearing them and always thought they were dope.”

Now while 2015 saw the premium collab between Packer Shoes, Teyana Taylor and Fabolous never before has the 33 HI seen a quality release quite like this before and although they are still available for purchase now, this is one pair that fans and non fans a like will want to add to their sneaker collection. Check out some fliks from the event below and of course they are still available for purchase now via EWING ATHLETICS