For many of you tunning in you may be scratching your head. Maybe chuckling a little to yourself. Maybe you didn’t even stick around long enough to read to this point, whatever. The reality of the matter is that FILA USA is bringing back one of the most coveted color way’s of one of the most iconic silhouette’s of all time in the FILA FX-100. Worn by everyone from 2Pac in ‘Keep Ya Head Up’, to Busta Rhymes, to Kool G Rap -and many more, the FX-100 was one of thee most popular choices of footwear in the earliest part of the 90’s.

In the early 2000’s FILA brought them back briefly for several retro releases but it wasn’t until the 2010 Packer Shoes collab that we saw a retro of the highly popular (and very limited) Purple FX-100. Well, seven years later and FILA is giving the shoe community the opportunity to own this historic OG color way once again. Available March 10 at FILA