As news has begun to circulate about the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collab, talks of the infamous Y2K cease and desist (and apparent lawsuit) have begun to resurface. Back in Y2k Supreme knocked off LV’s famous monogram print for a special collection only to be ordered to destroy their entire inventory of the collection and issue a recall. Today, those item’s that actually made it into the wild are EXTREMELY rare and if you’ve seen any images of the original collection (CHECK OUT THE SKATEBOARD FROM THE ORIGINAL COLLECTION HERE) you can understand why LV went after Supreme 17 years back. You should also keep in mind those were different times and the world of high end luxury brands was much different than that of a trendy skate shop on Lafayette. Fast forward to today and it appears that the lines we all knew were blurred- between high end luxury and high end street- are officially gone, dead, buried. It’s apparent from this collaboration that Louis Vuitton see’s the future and of course this is a “notch on the old belt” for Supreme, the ultimate middle finger. Sure, one of the shoes from the collection looks like a PUMA California/GV Tennis shoe mixed with some sort of 1970’s casual shoe

but there will be other items in the collection that those of the Supreme fan sorts will most definitely have to have.

Image via addictf_

Also, aside from the Supreme bashing that is likely to follow one thing is for sure, Supreme has definitely open the flood gates up to other high end brands following suit. Can we get a Bape x Hermes? Stay tuned………….