With the latest Kickstarter campaign from YSNEAKERS’ Diamond Walker is setting out to create what they describe as the world’s first-of-its-kind 360º Photo-Accurate Sneaker Customizer engine that allows a beautiful ‘360º model manipulation’ viewing of your sneaker creation, combined with photo-realistic views of their leather swatches on the sneakers.
YSNEAKERS’ Kickstarter backers may choose between 10 packages ranging from a Ready-To-Wear sneaker from SGD 380/USD 266, to customizable deals from SGD 420/USD 294 upwards to SGD8,888/USD6215.

Below are some of the dope possibilities from the brand with some ready to take over some valuable shelf space from your Air Force 1.  Check out some of their gems below and head on over to the YSNEAKER KICKSTARTER for more info.

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