Lets go back. Its 2004, tall tee’s super baggy jeans, Timb’s, Jay’s and of course throwback jersey’s are all whats hot in the street. Girl’s are wearing NBA Jersey’s morphed into dresses and dudes are rocking’ 400 dollar NBA patch Jackets and expensive NBA patch jeans so keep that in mind when you see this ad. The NBA and or the company Headmasters in collaboration with the NBA decided it was a great idea to take the NBA theme which was so hot at the time and apply it to quality work wear, for your office. Imagine Jimmy from accounting rolls through for that 12PM meeting decked out in an all over print Lakers button-down dress shirt tucked into his slacks with a tie. You know and I know you’re waiting for that “when keeping it real goes wrong moment”. Its because of this – and maybe also because the fad eventually ended- that this didn’t last very long. Take a trip back to that all over NBA patch days below!