Ummmmmmmmmmmm maybe not, but one things for sure its HOT! Now while HPV has come to mean something a little different 28 years later it still doesn’t take away from the allure of this 88 gem. Thirty pounds of Hutch goodness this rare late 80’s masterpiece is the thing of fairy tails, excessive 80’s at its finest. At first glance it looks like some sort of unreleased prototype but in reality its a race bike that was 100% available for purchase to the public. BMX Plus magazine clocked this thing going 34 mph back in 1988 which they described as 4mph than they’d ever seen someone go on a BMX. Reviews have been mixed from unrideable to once you ride it you’ll want to own it. One things for sure, if you have one for sale feel free to contact me direct! Take a trip back below!