I still remember the earliest advertisements for K1X. Unlike many brands that tried to compete in the street level basketball shoe market of the time K1X commanded a certain level of respect that others couldn’t quite achieve. Fast forward to 2016 and well, here we are with their latest. The Uncoachable Series is a high-five to what K1X calls “Park Authority”: that special level of streetwise skills only a few top players bring to the court.

Think White Chocolate’s elbow pass. To buzzer beaters. To
in-your-face dunks and one-handed rebounds. To AI’s practice rant. To
inspirational huddle speeches. To Rodman’s late night excursions. To
witty trash talk. And to hustling ballplayers all over the Nation of

Loaded with performance properties, the Uncoachable Series was
conceived “for ballers by ballers” to assist “like a true
point guard.”

Check out the teaser below!