Make no mistake Kanye West is a talent amongst talent but also make no mistake that the majority of today’s artists take the followers approach to making music and thats what makes Kanye look even better. He doesn’t follow trends, he does his own thing he’s unique in his approach to music and thats what makes him great. In reality its the formula that every artist should follow but doesn’t. With that said Kanye’s Fade – Which I bump on the regular- pays ode to the days when hip hop artists and dance music lived side by side and for which many artists of the day dabbled in. In the late 80’s and early 90’s lots of artists (especially east coast artists – think the Jungle Brothers ) featured at least one House track on their album or as many describe as Hip-House. It seems as the genre moved into the mid to late 90’s and into the earlier part of the 2000’s that connection was lost but its an important relationship that we must not forget. Alas artists like Drake, Azelia Banks and Kanye West have now dabbled in the genre and its something that should be welcomed with open arms.


If you lived in New York during that time period and were old enough to remember then you know good and well about the Hot 97 night time mixes that I’ve spoken about many times on this site (if not get familiar with that section). When you connected to Kanye’s Fade you really connected with the past a time where music was really alive and for that we must all thank Kanye West. With that said its now time for you to do your house music and hip house research. Make sure to add this classic early 90’s gem to your mix and lets see if Kanye will team up with Queen Latifah for a 2016 sample.