Lyfe Jennings is a special artist.  He’s a throwback to the days of doing you and not worrying about sounding like the next man and that formula has proven to work for one of the most talented R&B artists in the industry.  Selling over a million records in combination with a dedicated fan base, a positive outlook on life and a yearning to make people happy all while perfecting his craft has led Lyfe back to Summer Stage for 2016.  I was fortunate to have caught up with Lyfe for some quick talk.

DeFY: Whatsup, what happened with the flight over here I heard you lost your ID? 

LJ: Yea, I have all my other stuff but I lost my ID

DeFY: That sucks. 

LJ: I always look at it as steps lead you to stuff, so there must be a reason why I have to go down to the DMV so what better way for the universe to get me there by me losing my license.

DeFY: Thats a really great way of thinking about it. Sometimes we don’t know what the reasoning is behind certain events whether small or big until they reveal themselves later. 

LJ: Yea

DeFY:  This isn’t your first appearance at Summer Stage but how did you get involved with them?

LJ: My management sets that up but I love New York first of all so any opportunity to come I’m gonna come.

DeFY: What does it mean to you to perform at such a dope venue like Queensbridge park with the bridge looming over the stage?



LJ: I’ll be honest I’ve never seen the venue but Queensbridge is something legendary so I’m quite sure its dope, I guess I’ll have to let you know after what I felt lol.

DeFY:  Do you have any surprise guests planned?

LJ: Only surprise is probably bring somebody on stage man but really just gonna give 100% and hopefully the people get 100%.

DeFY: Will you be performing anything off your new album?

LJ: Yea definitely, but its going to be more of a mixup.  I don’t really have a straight set.  I can always add stuff.  Depends on the crowd man I’m a pleaser.

DeFY: Do you think you’ll be back for more Summer Stage performances in the future?

LJ: I mean, I hope so.  Hopefully this one goes well

DeFY: Now I have to ask, are you into sneakers? Do you collect or have a favorite brand?

LJ: I have no lie about 100 pairs of adidas.

DeFY: Has anyone ever approached you from adidas about a possible collaboration?

LJ: Nothing like that, they’ll just send me free stuff or I’ll just buy them. I like them a lot.

DeFY: Would you ever be open to that or thats just not something you’re interested in doing at this point?

LJ: I would love to have the Lyfe edition, could turn the tongue into a beard.

DeFY: Ha!!!! That would be kind of sick

LJ: Lol

DeFY: Well I know your schedule today was hectic and I appreciate you choppin’ it up with me

LJ: I appreciate you too man

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