It was 1991, while watching…..probably “Who’s the boss” on TV, a commercial comes on for the all new 3000gt from Mitsubishi. The love is instant. Some 9 years later I was fortunate to own one of these beautiful machines (a 1994 model) and its a car that I will NEVER forget. Now, you have to remember in 1991 we’re talking you down with O.P.P. on your cassette player, Cross Colour t shirts, In Living Color, the beginning of mainstream alternative rock, most people don’t have cellphones (or even pagers for that matter) no Facebook, Myspace or hundreds of millions of other sites, you get the picture. Then, here comes a sports car from this Japanese company that looks like a Ferrari, features all wheel drive, climate control, motorized computer controlled front and rear spoiler and 300hp (VR-4 Model only). If you couldn’t afford the VR-4 model you were still blessed in the SL with Leather, climate control, front wheel drive (good for snow and rain) chrome wheels and 220HP (there was also a base model that featured no leather, climate control, or chrome wheels). Dodge also made a car that closely resembled the 3000gt that wen’t by the name “Stealth”. The Stealth base model was slower than the 3000gt, its turbo version just as fast but it looked like the 3000gt’s ugly brother having a typical bland American design. In 1994 the 3000gt got a bunch of updates (you can read about on Wikipedia). In 1995 and 1996 Mitsubishi offered a VR-4 and SL Spyder Version Customized by ASC in California that gave the car a retractable hard top roof (as if the car wasn’t dope enough). Sadly in 1999 the cars production finally came to an end.

Mitsubishi ultimately gave up on the 3000gt for the Lancer but I prefer the nice curves of the 3000gt to the boxy boy racer look of the EVO. Sure the performance is there but the 3000gt was in a completely different class. Luxury and performance damn near perfectly combined to make one of the best cars ever produced. Now, although it was a great car, it did have its issues. For one the transmissions on these cars are known to go (it went on mine after 130k) and they do have electrical issues (power antenna and power windows failed on my car at around 130k). With most cars this would be problematic and maybe time to get a new car, however the body of this car is so timeless that you don’t feel bad. The interior plastics were very solid and everything was placed right where it should be. The gas mileage for me was always very good, the interior is roomy for most (unless your sitting in the back seat) and the handling is EXCEPTIONAL. Now, add to the fact that in the snow this car handles better than most modern non sports cars (which is great for all of you living in areas where it snows) and you have a car thats so multi dimensional its tough to justify not owning one.

Now with all the car manufacturers going back into the vault and bringing back older models you would think Mitsubishi would do the same. Its about that time Mitsubishi, can you imagine a 21st Century 3000gt? I can. Ahhhh dreams. For now check out the commercials and pictures below (which includes a 2003 pic of me driving my old 3000gt).