Designed by Tate Kuerbis and described as “a balance of Jordan Brand’s tradition of game-changing performance and its transcendent style”,

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the Jordan XXXI was unveiled yesterday to an eagerly waiting shoe community. Inspiration for the shoes design comes directly from the Air Jordan 1 and will be worn on court by many of JB’s star athletes including Russell Westbrook.


The Jordan XXXI features a company described “first-of-its-kind Flyweave” and leather upper that incorporates a number of iconic Jordan elements including: the original Air Jordan “Wings” logo and a subtle Swoosh — not seen on a Jordan shoe since the Air Jordan I (if you don’t count the small swoosh on the heel of the III,IV,V, and VI) and the first time it appears alongside a Jumpman logo. They also feature a signature low profile cushioning by way of FlightSpeed tech with full length Zoom Air.For its launch colorway Jordan Brand decided to pay homage to the “banned” story behind the original Air Jordan 1 (even though its been debunked by SoleCollector.)

Jordan Senior Designer Tate Kuerbis was quoted as saying “I think the spirit these shoes represent is a feeling of defiance. You know, you see the poster of MJ dunking with his gold chain, up in the air forever and defying gravity, wearing the Air Jordan I; you just can’t stop looking at that poster. I think recreating and getting that feeling into a new game shoe is challenging, but it’s one of the things we wanted to do — instill this almost magical quality.”

That said, is the Jordan XXXI the greatest Jordan signature shoe ever created? Lets talk. Marketing aside, the reality of this shoe’s release is that indeed, it will probably be a great basketball shoe – possibly the greatest -as it was intended.  So far Complex editor Russ Bengston has described them as “probably the most comfortable Air Jordan ever” – this coming from a man that know’s footwear. In regards to the overall look of the XXXI its a beauty in the eye of the beholder type of deal. In one way the shoe looks progressive and clean but on the other the large Jumpman logo in combination with a faint swoosh sort of throws off the entire look of the shoe and makes  them look more a long the lines of a Team Jordan.

Love them or hate them the Air Jordan XXXI “Banned” will be available globally September 3 in select retail stores and on Stay tuned to @Jumpman23 on Instagram and Twitter for more information and check out fliks below courtesy of Nike.

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