If you’ve collected long enough then you know just how big of a release this coming Saturday’s Metallic 1 retro actually is. Released originally back in 1985 the white Navy metallic retro 1 high hasn’t seen a retro EVER. No, if you wanted a metallic retro high then you either had to bite the bullet and pick up a pair of OG’s that A.) were more than likely going to crack on you (the paint that is) and B) were probably not in your size and or super expensive or you had to settle for that tumbled leather retro in 2009 that featured a Jumpman on the heel and tongue (they weren’t available in white/navy but were available in white/purple). Sure, there are differences and its apparent. The cut while high doesn’t go straight down like the OG and some paneling around the collar isn’t the same. Then there is the finish of the metallic paint itself which is slightly more glossy than the OG. Still, its close enough to enjoy, collect and of course wear. While the lows are still sitting on store shelves the jury is still out on the high’s which have notoriously sold better. Many are wondering whether the plainness of the shoe will keep many at bay or not be a factor. Come Saturday we will all find out but the magic 8 ball says don’t sleep. MSRP for the Metallic 1 high in White/Navy will be $160.00

Compare: Below are photo’s of the Original Nike Air Jordan 1 From 1985 (Pics Courtesy of  Kicksonfire)


Air-Jordan-1-Retro-High-OG-“Metallic-Navy”-Returning-in-2016-1-1 Air-Jordan-1-Retro-High-OG-“Metallic-Navy”-Returning-in-2016-4