By now, if you’ve been following this site you know there were several other inflatable shoes from brands other than Reebok (Some of which pre-dated the Reebok Pump). Of course there was Fillmoore’s Pneumatic insole -dating back to the 1800’s and then the Aero Shoe Corporations inflatable shoe from 1983 as well as the Nike Air Pressure, Nike Command Force Pump, Nike 180 Pump, adidas XTR Tubular, L.A. Gear Regulator, Spalding Typhoon, USA Olympics Pump and of course the Troop Pump. You can now add Jox to that list. The Jox Pulsator Pump was a shoe that looks like it took designs cues from about 4 or 5 other models from different brands. If you were budget conscious then this was the pump shoe for you. Not all that terrible looking and a great vintage rarity today, you can pick these up now via eBay.