Its official, the winter edition Ewing 33 Hi (a boot of sorts) is on its way but if you aren’t very familiar with the history of Ewing Athletics then this winterized 33 Hi may just look like some sort of updated newbie “jazz”. In reality, its another historic release for Ewing Athletics and another important piece of shoe history from the brand. During Ewing Athletics initial run during the 90’s  (in addition to basketball shoes, running shoes and gear) they were pumping out a variety of boots and of course one of them was an altered version of the 33 Hi in boot form (see below).


The original Ewing 33 Hi Boot

During their last years, Next Sports (one of the brands original manufacturers) took the Ewing name off the shoe, Pats 33 on the strap was left on and they swapped “Ewing” for “Next” on the heel (you can imagine this didn’t sit well with Patrick).

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The return of the Ewing name on the back of a boot-esq 33 Hi is Triumphant.  While there are differences between the OG and this recent release the reality is this is a legit winterized shoe manufactured in a different factory (a factory that specializes in boots) and completely waterproof.  Decked out in a French Roast/Green with boot laces and eyelets expect them to hit stores November 2015.  Via EwingAthletics


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