Ok, so if you’re familiar with the Nike Air Trainer SC III’s original ad campaign then you knew this already



but how often have you seen this cross training shoe actually show up on a professional basketball court? Not much? Look no further. Stanley Roberts (who played with Real Madrid) was spotted with the legendary cross trainer during two games back in the earliest part of the 90’s (but with all the branding covered up). But wait, is that really the Nike Air Trainer SC III?

stanley roberts and pedro rodriguez


Hmmmmmmmmm.  You see, Stanley Roberts had an endorsement deal with a brand called John Smith and John Smith was notorious for knocking off popular models of the time (look  to this John Smith Reebok Twilight Zone Pump Knockoff for an example of that) and so you really have to wonder if either A. Stanley Roberts did the unthinkable and risked his endorsement deal by wearing a competitors shoe while still under contract (with the branding covered up of course).  B.  This was a knock off shoe from John Smith (doesn’t appear it is) and Stanley Roberts was in a possible contract dispute with the company (similar to the situation between Patrick Ewing and Adidas where Patrick wore non branded Adidas Conductor’s after a falling out between the two) so he covered up the branding.  or C. John Smith allowed him to wear the Trainer SC III but with the Nike branding covered up. Or D. Stanley Roberts wasn’t under contract from John Smith but didn’t want to give Nike free promotion so he covered the branding up.   Check out the fliks and vote on your thoughts below!