Mick Jenkins‘ is the real deal. Set to head out on a North American tour with French producer STWO from the end of August through the beginning of October (and then in October to Europe for the second leg of the tour) Mick squeezed in a listening party last week for his latest EP Wave[s] which took place at WallPlay and featured artwork by Kansas City-based painter Hayveyah McGowan (who created a unique painting for each song from the project).

The new mixtape dropped Thursday via Cinematic and Good Years (a follow up to Jenkins’ critically acclaimed 2014 mixtape, The Water[s]) and to coincide with the album release, Mick shared the Nathan Smith-directed video for his single “Get Up Get Down.”

Here Mick displays a different vibe than what his listeners have become accustomed to and it works.  With many predicting Mick to evolve into a big time artist (myself included) if you haven’t already, brush up on his back catalog now and buy his latest Via ITUNES. Check out some fliks from the night below!

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