Ever since news broke that Victor Cruz would be receiving his own sig shoe from Nike, Team Vic has been in beast mode.  Seeing as how Vic is one of the more stylish NFL stars rubbing elbows with the likes of KITH founder Ronnie Feig, many in the shoe community had/have high hopes for the first signature shoe of the New York Giants star. Photo’s  have since leaked and what many are left with is a mixture of emotions.  On one end you have a good looking clean shoe.  On the other, a lot of head scratching as to whether or not this is just a high end Trainer III Nike decided to rename. There are only minimal design changes from the original Trainer SC 1 (otherwise today known as the Trainer III). Further, many have already called this shoe Nike’s answer to the Nike Yeezy but the Yeezy 1 and 2 (while taking design characteristics from older Nike models) clearly had a different look than the original shoes it borrowed from. Take a look at a side by size comparison of the Yeezy 2 and the Nike Tech Challenge II and a side by side of the Trainer SC 1 and Victor Cruz’s sig shoe and make sure to vote below as to how you feel!