With 2015 turning out to be a huge year for Agassi retro’s its a perfect time to look back at the first retro from the Tech Challenge back catalog. Retro’d in 2000 at $85.00, the Tech IV low retro (3/4 was better IMO) dropped during a time where a shoe with a ton of bright color’s on it wasn’t especially well received and its more than likely why they ended up in outlets for 20-30 bucks. While mostly the white colorway’s show up on eBay and in photo’s here you can take a look at a rare all black leather color way that may or may not have ever actually released (was probably cancelled). The official colors for the black color way were black/med comet red-metallic silver and they were slated to release in September of 2000. Both featured full grain leather, external heel counter, dreaded polyurethane (for all your sad face midsole cracking needs), encapsulated forefoot air sole unit, visible heel air sole unit and an aggressive multi surface herring bone design outsole. With that said lets keep our fingers crossed for all the dope color way’s of the original Tech IV in the 3/4 cut to return for 2016! Take a trip back below!