Part of Nike’s Rock N’ Roll tennis campaign staring Andre Agassi, its been 24 years since the original Nike Air Tech Challenge III shoe hit store shelves and we’ve been missing it ever since. Many will argue that the Nike Air Tech Challenge III from 2006 was its last retro and while that’s true, it’s a shoe we’d all much rather forget. Color’s were off and key details (flaming tennis ball, heel paint) were missing and ultimately he shoe flopped. For 2015 however, Nike has finally given this shoe a proper retro complete with original Flaming Tennis ball logo that we all grew up with and love. While there has been some debate on whether or not the color around the midsole is off from the color of the volt on the upper, this is still a shoe you’ll want to add to your Agassi collection. Check out a live look on feet as well as a complete review below!