Lets keep it funky. There’s not much hype in walking shoes, but as a designer or marketing guy its a category that makes money and one you’ll want to research. While its unlikely there will ever be a Rock N’ Roll Walking shoe campaign or a Bo Knows Walking its a category that comes with the business of selling sneakers and one you’ll want to familiarize yourself with. Enter the Air Vis Propensity III, an $80.00 walking shoe with an aggressive name that had the readiness to get you well, walking. They featured SLP and full grain leather uppers with a soft lining, full length light weight Pylon, forefoot flexible bag, dual density in heel, midsole sicklier, Airliner max PU sicklier with low pressure heel Air Sole unit, DRC in the heel and solid rubber outsole. Whether or not they were worth the 80.00 over a running shoe of comparable price is an individual issue but my guess is Nike moved units of these since by this point they had made it to a third model. Check them out below!