Knocking off shoes has been around for over a hundred years. Brands have been creating variations of fan favorites from other brands throughout the history of sneakers and so its no surprise that Jox (a brand notorious for knocking off popular brands of the time) copied one of the most iconic shoes ever created during its initial launch. While at the time you more than likely would have been clowned for wearing these out and about, these days you’re likely to get stares and a thumbs up. These early 80’s replica’s are better looking than most of the retro’s these days and for good reason. From the materials to the shape (including that sleek toe box (something it seems no company can get right anymore)) these things look pretty fly. Check out a few fliks below and add them to your Air Force 1 Collection today via INVTGWETRUST

2012-07-23 125

2012-07-23 127