When the 33 Hi initially released to the public back in 1990 it was a statement shoe, the anti Jordan. Unlike many smaller shoe companies of the day, there were no attempts to replicate Nike’s Air or Reebok’s Pump. No, instead the designers at Ewing Athletics opted to focus more on a hard body look and turned their attentions to support, support by way of a fashionable strap. Sure, some will point in the direction of the Jordan II (a shoe that had already dropped 3 years earlier and had (at that time) become old news) but its what they did to set the shoe apart (that large strap on the heel with Pats 33 emblazoned on it in rubber) that would give it a life all its own. This strap would go on to become the companies signature and something they would go on to reinvent with the Ewing Concept Hi. The Concept Hi was the 33 Hi’s more brolic younger brother and a shoe that would go on to be not only the companies second most iconic shoe of all time, but one of the most iconic basketball shoes ever created. It was a shoe embraced by the street during some heavy competition from large brands like Reebok (see the Blacktop line), Nike (Air Raid) and Adidas (Street Ball). Well folks, after a 23 year hiatus, a retro we never thought would happen is happening. Come May 15th, 2015 the Concept Hi returns to stores in both white blue and orange and black and white. . Via EwingAthletics

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