Birthed in the Bronx before rapidly growing up and down the East Coast to nationwide before expanding worldwide in just four short years,  Troop is set for a 2015 return.  When Troop debuted in 1985 the world was a much different place. Hip Hop was in its infancy, the streets were live and social media was stepping outside your front door. Fast forward 30 years later and  the brand that’s been historically known for their eye catching leather jackets and in your face gear a long with being one of the first companies to embrace Hip Hop culture when the genre was viewed as a fad, is set to bring back some goodies.  If you remember, the last time we saw Troop was in the earlier part of the 2000’s (although not at the same capacity and quality of the 80’s) but this go around will see ultra high quality and smaller quantities beginning with two of their earliest sneaker models (the Ice Lamb and Pro Edition models).

troop 4 troop 5 troop 6 troop 1 troop2

troop 3

There have also been sitings of one of their flagship Jackets complete with ultra high quality leather and suedes

troop s

Early samples look amazing and there will be more Troop heat to come.  For more info on the companies history visit WORLDOFTROOP and stay tuned for more drops.