The 80’s and 90’s was filled with sneaker gems, so much so that it appears that even early models that didn’t make the cut can become a hot commodity in 2015.  The Nike Air Max Zero (released to celebrate the second annual Air Max Day), was according to Nike  “an idea put on paper 29 years ago that contained nearly three decades of innovation.”


Of course, they would eventually go another route for the final version of the Air Max 1 but looking at this release it really is the perfect timing both in regards to the technology available and the overall look of the shoe.  Nike goes on to explain that “it wouldn’t become the first Nike Air Max shoe, but without it, the Nike Air Max 1 would not exist” and that the Air Max 1 was “the result of several design iterations, one of the earliest being the concept of the Air Max Zero.”



Ok, cool, but most designs take several iterations before a finalized product goes to market so that’s kind of irrelevant.  Also, according to Nike the Sportswear design team stumbled across “an interesting drawing” while searching for inspirations to celebrate the impending second annual Air Max Day.

Really? Stumbled upon an interesting drawing?  This sketch had been circulating for more than half a decade 


so it either reflects a lack of knowledge of history about this shoe or this was an editorial mistake at Nike.  Either way it makes those of us that have been part of the shoe community for many years scratch our head as to what exactly took so long.  Keep in mind also, that this is an updated version of the original sketch and so is it really the Air Max Zero?  If Nike constantly re-issued the Air Max 1 in an updated version would anyone really consider them the OG Air Max 1? Probably not.

Anyhow, the Air Max 1 is an iconic shoe not only for the brand ( The Air Max 1 was the first shoe with visible air and would soon make its way from running to basketball) but also for the industry.


It raised the bar as far as what the competition had to come up with. In addition, its in the DNA of every historic Air Max release after it and without it we may have never seen other legendary shoes across other sports.

What the shoes means now is that yesterday’s prototype (at least for Nike) can become tomorrows hyped up release which is smart business.  The big question is should this be a one and done release or should more colorways drop?  Maybe drop a new colorway every Air Max day?  Make sure to vote below and drop a comment!