Image Via I-D

In the early 90’s, House and Hip Hop lived side by side.  Well, things have changed a bit.  Over the years the House crowd and the Hip Hop crowd parted ways but it seems as though its come full circle with a new, more diverse crowd embracing good music. Enter Princess Nokia.  Its not because one of my all time favorite tracks (River Ocean Feat. La India Love And Happiness) was sampled and mixed for Bikini Weather/Carazon En Afrika, but princess Nokia is a breath of fresh air both for her style and authenticity.  She’s embodied what it means to be different.  You see, people are always saying their different, unique, “doing their own thing” but usually it ends up being like everyone else.  Not in this case.   Do yourself a favor and listen to this track below and then to her SOUNDCLOUD for more gems.