Adidas marketing won big this past week.  The Yeezy Boost Sold out of its initial release quick fast and in a hurry with Kanye hand delivering pairs to those that were able to secure a set at the Adidas Originals store in NYC (Just imagine if Michael Jordan showed up to hand deliver your Jays).



To add fuel to the fire news sources like CNN Money have reported that “Only 9,000 pairs were available, but West has said he wants Adidas to produce more. Adidas was mum on how many more it would make.” If this has you in a panic that you’ll have to spend the $1,100-2,000 resale on these you may want to count backwards from 10 and chill out.  According to a reliable source,  Adidas WILL be releasing more pairs and they will be carried at Footlocker in a section of the store dedicated to his line. Whether this turns out to be true will unfold with time, but it  should save you from having a panic attack just yet.