As most know by now, Patrick Ewing endorsed Adidas in the later part of the 80’s.  Unhappy with his contract he would eventually go on to start his own brand with Phoenix and then Next Sports before closing up shop due to his manufacturer essentially selling his sneakers (illegally) to flea markets on the cheap.  Fast forward to 2012 and the brand resurfaced this time under Ewing Athletics and solely involving Patrick himself and David Goldberg, which makes Snoop Dogg’s most recent Instagram post all the more surprising.

First, make no mistake Snoop is a legend in the music industry no doubt. He’s also no stranger to fashion. In the early 90s he appeared in ads for Cross Colours, Karl Kani and helped put Tommy Hilfiger on the map not to mention his own clothing line (Snoop Dogg Clothing) his shoes with Pony (doggy biscuitz) and most recently his endorsement with Adidas.


So, it comes as a surprise that the boss mistakenly posted a photo of Ewing Athletics 33 HI on Instagram and asked Adidas for a pair. Whoops! No doubt that Ewing Athletics should hook him up and maybe Adidas should consider a future acquisition.


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