Earl Thomas is arguably one of the best defensive players in the league and a Brand Jordan endorser, so it makes complete sense that he will lace up today in the same shoes MJ wore for his second championship run (although slightly modified).

Featuring an action green and navy upper, JB has designed as special Air Jordan VII cleat for Earl Thomas’s second straight Super Bowl appearance which is certain to bling under the bright lights. A chrome plate nods to the ultimate prize, the championship trophy, and an updated Air Jordan VII graphic on the tongue and heel pays homage to the brand’s award-winning history.  Look out for them during today’s Super Bowl. Via NIKE.


 Air_Jordan_VII_Cleat_2_native_1600 Air_Jordan_VII_Cleat_native_1600 Air_Jordan_VII_Cleat_4_native_1600 Air_Jordan_VII_Cleat_8_native_1600 ET_cleat_detal_2_native_1600 ET_cleat_detal_3_native_1600 ET_cleat_detal_native_1600 Air_Jordan_VII_Cleat_5_native_1600