The Exeter was the Tailwind V’s slightly cheaper sibling, and by slight I mean real slight.  They retailed at 110.00 USD (compared to the Tailwind V’s 120 dollar price tag).  What you got with the Exeter was an upper made of lightweight synthetics and mesh, phylon,  lage volume dual pressure heel Air Sole unit and flexible forefoot Air Sole unit in the midsole, as well as a BRS 1000 in heel for durability, forefoot duralon, and Waffle outsole with new gripping pattern.  Overall what I didn’t (and still don’t like in this shoe) is its lack of a visible air unit in the forefoot and in my opinion, I believe it would have looked even better had there been no visible air at all.  Still, the Air Exeter held its own and finding pairs today will not be easy as the majority of people that bought these things used them to run, not stunt.  Take a trip back below!


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