For part 17 we took a look back at the Evolution Of Revolution, for part 18 we arrive at The Place To Be Online. During the late 90’s into early 2000 a few of the major players in the online sneaker blog world would incorporate a forum into the mix. The Place To Be Online was one of them. Although not as engaging as Nike Park for example, there was still the potential for a big undertaking and therefore commitment to building the community. The site featured news gathered from around the net as well as photo’s and release dates.

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A drawback to the site (depending on who you’re talking to) was that the site was reliant on Nike/Jordan

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but did feature a wide variety of models and included shoes like the Griffey Cleats and the Air Kukini





Looking back, it may not seem very special in comparison to some of the sites out there today (and even the sites of the time) but the Place To Be Online was respected in the community and did aggregate some info that wasn’t easy to come by and that kept it a destination spot at the time and a page in internet sneaker culture now.