The Evolution will not be televised, but it may show up in the form of an early 90’s sneaker blog.  Yesterday I brought you back to what could have been with part 16’s  Japanese blog High Response.  For part 17 I’m bringing you back to a site that  was late 90’s goodness.  Back in the day during a journey through the internet looking for rare sneakers there were sites that were not living up to their potential,the ones that were above and beyond (usually message boards and stores) and then there were sites like Evolution Of Revolution that fit somewhere in between.




Jordan’s made their way to the pages of the blog and it was obvious from the banner that this would be the case but


aj6retroplus0 kinkyo1230_1 kinkyo990510 kinkyo990523_0trunnerlx kinkyo0606_0

not just in the way of sneakers.  There was a book feature

mjbookas well as a feature of some dope Brand Jordan clothing from the time.


mjt_0908_1 mjt_0916 mjt_0917 mjt000507_0 mjt000507_5

Then of course was the Nike section, which wasn’t flooded with Air Max 95’s.  Nope.  From Air Rifts


cortez3_6 current flightposite1 kinkyo000504_1 kinkyo000807_0 kinkyo1225 kinkyo990101_0 kinkyo990101_1 kinkyo990523_2 kinkyo990906_2 kinkyo990913_0 seismic1 prestob1 neoclassic2 superfly0 uptempomax1moccamo0




to  Lightning Presto’s and everything in between.  Dope kicks in some of the best colorways.  It was also refreshing because shoes like the Presto, Rift and Nike Air Moc didn’t get much love in the United States and if you were bored with Nike you could always check out fliks of various Reebok and Adidas models.  Keep in mind that yes, we sweat this stuff today because its rare but back then a lot of people just weren’t that into these models.


shroud0 shroud3 shroud2 adiwayout1 cubatorc0 eqtexigence1 kinkyo_1211 kinkyo0109_1 kinkyo0517_0 kinkyo0517_2 kinkyo1130_0 kinkyo1130_1 kinkyo1213_2Yup, the Evolution of Revolution featured some good heat from the Big three and while we will always crave just slightly more diversity in regards to the brands chosen, you have to respect the diversity in the both the models from each brand and the gear.  Take a trip back to the late 90’s above!