For part 15 we took a look back at the Feet You Wear Yukihiro Visits mix of motorcycles and kicks.  For part 16 we take a look back at Japanese website High Response.



During the earliest part of the 2000’s sneaker culture was beginning to blossom and with it came sites/blogs with a lot of promise.  While some would evolve into businesses and news outlets, most fizzled out and unfortunately High Response was one of them.  Whether it was lack of time or interest we might never know for sure, but it was heart breaking to see this site pretty much abandoned after the year 2001.  Heartbreaking because at a time when most wrote about Mainly Nike’s and Reeboks, High Response managed to mix in brands like Avia


avia losgatos



brooks american american2and Adidas.


marc3 merc1 ctr2 ctr3 adidas eqt mercury 2 adidas eqt xtr2 bad1 bad3 xtr1

Jordan’s made their way to the pages of High Response as well

aj6_1 aj6_3and the sites author even declared the Nike Air Trainer III the sneaker of the century


back1 tr3but this site will be cemented in Internet Sneaker Culture history as a blog that displayed a very tasteful variety of sneakers in a time where blogs were mainly Nike and Reebok dominated.