Quality isn’t easy to come by and few can boast the type of craftsmanship from British Brand Belstaff.  Founded in 1924 Belstaff is known for high quality motorcycle jackets that are routinely worn by bikers (and non bikers) alike. With the cold weather here I’m taking you through 4 dope Belstaff Jackets worthy of your closet NOW. Check them out.


Belstaff Warrington Leather Jacket Walnut

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A masterpiece. The Belstaff Warrington Four Pocket Field Jacket features a signature hand waxed leather in thick hand waxed calfskin that will age like a fine wine. The signature heritage checked cotton lining in beige, blue and brown will stay dry against the body and remember, if you can drop 3,000 + on a pair of Yeezy’s  then 1800.00 + for a quality jacket should be a drop in the bucket. 


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This four pocket biking jacket in black waxed Cambric cotton is perfect if you want to  challenge the elements, require slightly more  length to your fitted jacket and want to look like you run #$%^. Hand waxed cotton fabric seals out the elements while a contrasting grey cotton velvet lining to the collar and cuffs with an adjustable snap fastening on the cuffs, seal out wind and rain. Reinforced elbows and shoulders provide extra protection, underarm aerators give you added ventalation and four oversized bellows pockets on the front with double snap fastening conceal personal effects without bulk.  At  £550.00 (around 850.00 US) this jacket is do able.


Belstaff S Icon Blouson Jacket Black


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The modern variation on the original S Icon Blouson jacket, this biking jacket features quilting at the shoulders, cuffs, waistband and elbow patches for added protection. An intentional distressed six ounce hand waxed cotton fabric seals out the elements and the signature Belstaff patch is situated on the upper left sleeve with a commemorative 1964 metal plaque on the interior of the placket rounds out a very classic and tailored looking jacket. Price is £650.00 (a little over 1,000 USD).


Belstaff Sammy Miller Jacket Black


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Named for the famous British trial racer Sammy Miller, this jacket is a variation on the iconic Trialmaster jacket. It features Signature vintage waxed cotton fabric (which seals out the elements), knurled buckle throat latch at the collar and triple snap fastened cuffs (to seal out the wind and rain)  contrasting brown corduroy lining to the collar and cuffs, Underarm aerators for breathability and the signature Belstaff patch situated on the upper left sleeve (and another sewn onto the left breast pocket). A commemorative 1955 metal plaque appears inside the placket to let you know how mad real this jacket really is. Price £750.00 (a little over 1100 USD).