Since 1987,  the Nike Air Max series has been one of the most anticipated models of any shoe and for good reason.  Ground breaking design in combination with superior cushioning keep the Air Max series fresh and while not every model has been a winner, most live up  to the hype.

For 2014 the Air Max seemed to have tripped up a bit.  Sure, they were visually stimulating but something in the fit and cushioning left more to be desired.  For 2015, that all changes.  The latest installation of the Air Max needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated as aside from its beautiful exterior its the ride that makes these a winner. A perfect balance of cushioning and stability as well as a sleek snug fit via engineered mesh make these worth a good look.  Via Nike.

Nike_Air_Max_2015_mens2_native_1600 Nike_Air_Max_2015_mens1_native_1600 air max 1 air max 2