While there are many established headphones on the market today, most lack sophistication and style. That’s where Caeden comes in.  Hosted by Soo Joo Park, Caeden celebrated its launch last night by throwing a party with friends and family (all of whom enjoyed cocktails by Ketel One and music by Vashtie). It is here, also, that they debuted the Linea Collection; featuring No1 on-ear headphones in three color ways (Faceted Carbon + Gold, Convex Carbon + Gunmetal, and Faceted Ceramic + Rose Gold) as well as No2 in-ear headphones.  Caeden’s Linea No1 on ear headphones offer low compression fit, light weight construction, a 3-axis adjustability (rotation, tilt, and extension) for a comfortable fit on all head shapes and retail for $149.99. The Linea No2 in ear headphones offer multiple silicone ear tip sizes, noise-isolating seal and precise calibration of housing, barrel, and ear tip geometry for maximum comfort across a range of ear shapes and sizes and retail for $79.99. Both will be available on Caeden’s website on November 22nd, 2014.  Check out fliks from the night below and head on over to CAEDEN to pick a set up.
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