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Lets keep it funky.  Jordan retail prices are soaring and it has little to do with production costs and more to do with the fact that they can pretty much charge whatever they want and people will pay.  In 2013 Brand Jordan really pushed the thresh for the retail price of a retro by charging 200 USD for the OG Jordan III (complete with Nike Air) and now it seems as though you’ll have to fork over 200 for the Lgend Blue (aka Columbia blue) XI.  Last released in 2001, things have changed over the years for the XI.  Although many still go buckwild over every single release of the XI, quality and overall look of the XI has been on the decline.  Poor shapes, cheaper materials and decreasing comfort make you wonder if this release will be the one to bring the XI back to better days (for 200 they should).  Here’s the question, do you think their worth the 200?  Drop a commend in the box below.