We’re in 15 deep now folks.  For part 14 we took a look back at Air 23 and today we look back at the Feet You Wear Yukihiro Visit site.   Japanese sites sometimes volunteered more personal information than that of some of the American and European sites of the time (which helped the international shoe community get to know a blogger without actually understanding the language) and Yukihiro Visit did just that.  Yukihiro had two passions.  A love of sneakers (specifically Adidas’s Feet You Wear campaign) and Motorcycles.  Photo’s of his motorcycle a long with modifications were showcased on the site



as well as a  variety of high quality sneakers. From Reebok Pump Fury’s



to the ORIGINAL masterpiece that is the Nike Trainer Max 91


air_traner_maxand everything in between.  This wasn’t a Nike fan boy (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  No, this dude also loved the three stripes as well as Reebok.  The diversity in his collection was clutch as well, everything from OG Nike Command Force Pumps



to these Air Max 94’s



to these EQ Escalante’s let us know that this dude had exquisite taste in footwear with a broad spectrum of style.



Today some may look at this site and think well, there’s nothing really overly special about this blog but like many frequent destinations from the time period, what made this rather small blog special was that the author was being himself.  There weren’t an over abundance of people with blogs on the Internet pretending to be shoe heads but here is a guy half a world away, and you know he’s just like any of us in any part of the world.  This blog encouraged (indirectly) everyone in the shoe community to really be who they are, buy what they like and embrace their individuality; something that isn’t very common and that’s why this small personal Japanese blog should always be remembered.  Check out some more fliks from his collection below and reminisce!


zoom_challenge_2_b da-clam air_zoom_flight96_b air_traner_accel_mid air_tephra_trail air_mowabb2_a air_lien air_foamposite_one air_escape_2 air_flight_2 air_mowabb2 air_zoom_scream fyw_slt_1 rio