Ok, so I’m not going to do anyone’s job here.  However, lets talk Reebok and the decade plus after Y2K.    Reebok was a power house in the 80’s in through the 90’s.  After 1999 the brand has since struggled to carve out their place amongst the highly competitive performance shoe market and now there’s talk that Adidas may be abandoning this historical brand.  Its why today I wanted to take a trip back to this 2000 ad featuring Los Lobos.  In the early 2000’s Reebok begun to look to its past and do some soul searching. There were ads with everyone from Queen Latifah to Dr. Ruth and all the way to Los Lobos.  The message is clear, Reebok’s popularity and heritage transcends cultures, generations, and sub cultures.  When something is classic its a staple and its that message seems to have been forgotten with poor management and mishandling of business dealings.  Still, remember this.  For a brand of Reebok’s historical significance in the sneaker industry, a company that has a back catalog of shoe designs that could crush most others, success and a big resurgence in popularity is never to far away………………..Take a trip back to Y2K below!


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