You like Diggin’ in the crates? Lets dig. They aren’t Yeezy’s and no ones combing the back of old mom and pop shops for them but what they represent to the shoe community is historical.   Founded in 1898, The Beacon Falls Rubber Shoe Company manufactured a brand of sneaker named “Top Notch”.  Eventually (according to the company would be acquired by non other than? Uniroyal aka……………Keds.   “Manufacturing continued in Beacon Falls until 1930, when the operation was transferred to a plant in Naugatuck”  (here’s where things get interesting).  “Shoes created in Beacon Falls under the brand name “Plahelth” were the precursors of the company’s internationally known Keds footwear, and the offices for the company remained in Beacon Falls until the mid-1950s.”  So there you have it, Beacon Falls Rubber Company held a part in the birth of one of the most recognized footwear brands on earth.  Take a trip back to 1952 below and go school someone you know!


beacon falls 1952