For guys newer to the shoe game this question may seem blasphamus, but for those familiar with Avia and Nike know that its not far fetched.  In the early 90’s Nike was sued by Avia  when it was discovered Nike infringed on 3 of Avia’s patents for the Nike 180. Nike Lost.  Now, looking at Avia’s 924 Basketball Shoe you may see where I’m going.  Released around 1990/91 the Avia 924 Basketball shoe features what looks a Shox-esq technology in the heel (some 9 to ten years before Nike Shox went to market).  Yes, there are no gaps in any of the “springs” (we don’t know if they are indeed springs btw) and if they did take a page from Avia’s tech book they definitely took the technology way further.  Still, does Nike owe one of those Derek Jeter hat tips to Avia for the Nike Shox?  Check out the picture below and vote!