This past June the DeFY. New York team was in the house for a historic ceremony and block party to celebrate Stuyvesant Ave (between Lexington & Quincy) being renamed ‘Do The Right Thing Way’ (40Acres is giving everyone a chance to own the DO THE RIGHT THING WAY Street Sign. Limited to only 100 PIECES it will come numbered and personally signed to you by Spike Lee).


Well,  this November its official and to celebrate this monumental event (as well as 25 years of Do The Right Thing) we are looking back at the original soundtrack.  Lets take a trip back in time below and talk about every track on this classic soundtrack.

Public Enemy – Fight The Power

Forget being a musical theme for a movie, this was a musical theme for a generation and generations to come thereafter. Public Enemy was enlisted by Spike to create the track for this legendary film and create they did.  If there was one reason a lone to own this soundtrack on cassette, CD and Record its this track.

Teddy Riley Feat. Guy – My Fantasy

If you love New Jack Swing then you’ll love this track.  It definitely had that “My Prerogative” vibe and while not quite as legendary as Bobby’s classic 88 track it still provides for a shake up on the soundtracks sound.

EU- Party Hearty

Cause we gonna do the Butt all night long!! Ok, while not quite as monumental as ‘Doing The Butt’ Pearty Hearty still stands out as one of the more fun tracks.

Steel Pulse- Can’t Stand It

Thought you were going to have a film set in Bedstuy and get a soundtrack without a caribbean track?  Steel Pulse came in true 80’s form with a more mainstream approach to Can’t Stand It for the film but its one of those track’s you’ll be able to zone out to and just vibe.

Keith John -Why Don’t We Try

Being that Do The Right Thing was such a multi dimensional movie you couldn’t expect less from the soundtrack and that’s what you get with Why Don’t We Try.  Grown folk music for those with a good ear.

Perri -Feel So Good

This is another track that may have caught those looking for the more agressive sound of PE or fun sound of EU off guard when they bought the soundtrack initially.  However, you understand quickly that a positive uplifting soulful song is just what the doctor ordered for this soundtrack.

Take 6 -Don’t Shoot Me

Reflective of the times.  Late 80’s in New York was violent, very violent.  If you can’t put yourself in that time period (go on youtube and search out 80’s New York) you’ll understand exactly where this track fits in.

Lori Perry and Gerald Alston- Hard To Say

There was so much going on in Do The Right Thing the movie and that had to really translate to the soundtrack.  So as sucka for love as this track might sound to the casual listener watch the movie first and then you’ll get it.

Perri -Prove To Me

Another standout track.  If you grew up on Video Music Box or WBLS 107.5 (or yearn to) then this track is for you.

Al Jarreau -Never Explain Love

If you 90’s baby’s are wondering just how you got here, well, you might have this track to thank.

Ruben Blades -Tu Y Yo

Come on people, this is NEW YORK! You didn’t think Spike was going to hit you with the timeless Salsa track?  Celebrating the diversity of not only the cast but of the entire New York Metropolitan area the soundtrack semi ends with Latin goodness for your ears followed by a Jingle to remind the listener that in the end, its all love.