Image via Macaronikid

New York City Breakers and Rock Steady Crew collab please? Anyhow, you may have heard of iLuminate if you caught season 6 of America’s Got Talent. If not? You’ve been missing out. Created by former Bloomberg senior software engineer Miral Kotb, iluminate features iluminated costumes that can be controled wirelessly with lights that turn on and off (via sensors) with the music.

iluminate 2

Mix that in with choreography to match what they’re doing and well, you have one heck of a show. Electronica, Hip Hop, Break Dancing and that “how did they do that” lighting effects come together for 50 minutes of pure entertainment. As of now you can see the show at The New World Stages in New York City but there are plans to go Global (Paris we’re are looking at you) and even the UK is a possibility down the road. Ticketes are $39.99-69.99, food and drinks available before the show, seating slightly snug for bigger guys (6 feet and up try for the seats at the ends of the isle) and the lights are actually easy on the eyes. You will also have the opportunity to purchase some iLuminate souveneirs (perfect for the “mini me” in your life). Check out some video below and then dive on in and get your tickets now via TELECHARGE