Do you love sneakers? Does your life include a sick obsession with vintage crumbling shoes? Do you salivate at the opportunity to secure limited runs of highly sought after footwear? If you answered yes to any one of the above, then this product is for you. The fine people at Come Clean have released a bunch of sneaker themed soaps that are all hand made and all natural.  The company describes its soaps as having a soothing effect on your skin when diluted with water and that they are also known to soften the skin (which you’ll find to be true, just washing your hands with this soap will leave them feeling pretty smooth). While the $15.00 price tag might leave you cringing a little, just know that aside from being good for your skin you’ll be left with a collectible vinyl sneaker toy that has lots of good detail and is perfect for display. Check out a few more models available for sale below, then check out the video review and head on over to WHENICOMECLEAN for more info and or to purchase or view more models.