Photo’s Via Footlocker

Wow, 14 years. Y2K was the last time we were able to pick up a pair of the Nike Air Huarache LE in Scream Green at a retail price of 90.00 USD. Back then they didn’t sell very well and would eventually hit outlets in droves. Pairs were attainable at 20 bucks, yes TWENTY DOLLARS. Other colorways would drop over the next year or so (some selling better than others) but it didn’t seem right for a shoe that had such a huge legacy and graced the feet of everyone from Michael Jordan to Jerry Seinfeld to Will Smith and even Bruce Willis. After its first retro run it seemed like the shoe’s reputation for sales were so bad that Nike was hesitant to even touch the model. As years passed we saw a few retro + colorway’s here and there and Europe like always got the most love. At one point things looked bleak for the iconic shoe in the flagship scream green until this year. First the GS pairs showed up and then Eastbay started a pre-sale (that seems to be going on forever) followed by Finishline and a few other spots. With a retail of only 9.99 more than they cost 14 years ago in an age where all hyped up shoes seem to be super expensive you’d think picking a pair up at 99.99 would be a no brainer. Still there are those that are holding out hope that they will hit the sales racks and who can blame them? However, the question that’s running through a lot of peoples minds right now is should you wait or should you buy now and so here’s some food for thought:

The shoe hasn’t seen a retro in this colorway (which happens to be its most iconic) in 14 years.

Re-sale prices for this shoe in this colorway up until this year have been in the 200-375 dollar range over the years.

The retail price is only 9.99 more than they cost almost a decade and a half ago.

The quality on these is on point.

If you need a big size or rare size (especially a 12.5) they will go quick and the chances of you tracking down a set will be slim

So what will you do, cop or wait? Drop a comment in the box below!