Those of you that have been following DeFY New York know we’ve been pushing for Jordan retro’s to be made as close to the original as possible for years and eventually took it to YouTube. Well, it looks like we are getting exactly what we’ve been asking for. Over the weekend Brand Jordan announced that they will be re-issuing old Jordan’s truer to the original than ever before in the way of a Jordan Remastering Collection. On paper, it sounds like a dream come true. In reality (from what we gathered strictly from photo’s that have been provided so far)? Not so much. Outside of some possibly better quality materials, the shapes are visibly off and key details are missing. For a company using some of the best factories in the world with a declaration of truer to the original than ever before, it leaves you scratching your head.  Lets take a closer look at the comparison between the original Columbia Blue Jordan IV (a retro + model first released in 1999) and the re issue which will be one of the first shoes in the collection.

The shape.

Air Jordan IV Remastered Navy Columbia(1)



You can clearly see the Remastered versions shape is significantly different from the first release.

Now lets look at the heel.





Here you can clearly see there was a translucent gel Jumpman with a lighter shade of blue giving a 3 D effect on the originals, something you will not find on the remastered version.

The midsole and the plastic eyelets.




Jordan IV 99 Blue Shiny

The original featured a shiny paint job with metallic flake.  The remastered version a dull finish with no metallic flake.


These are significant differences. Sure, one can’t expect a re issue to be 100 percent dead on but you can get close. What are your thoughts after seeing these photo’s?  Make sure to vote in the box below!

99 Columbia Blue IV Photo’s Via OSneaker