With the return of British Knights its the perfect time to revisit this mid level basketball shoe from BK. Released in 1992 during a time where Alternative grunge music was huge, Deathrow was putting fear in the hearts of men from coast to coast and Super Nintendo was winning the 16 bit war; the Bk Enforcer fit in quite nicely. You see, at the time people were gravitating towards brands that were viewed as a little more gritty and nothing was more gritty in basketball than street basketball. Sure, Nike did well as always but brands like FILA, Reebok, Adidas, Ewing and of course British Knights ate well during this time and shoes like the Enforcer (while not highly sought after) were embraced. They featured a leather upper, Nylon sock liner, polyurethane midsole, and Dymacel technology which was said to maximize energy return as it absorbs shock by dispersing vertical impact. If you can track down a set today don’t expect to pay much over the original MSRP of 73.00. Take a trip back above!