Image via UrbanShakeMagazine

Tired of your New York artists sounding like they came from New Orleans? Yea, us too. While the sound of Leigh Paris isn’t quite what we were hoping for there’s no denying that this 13 year old is a force to be reckoned with and that as his sound evolves so will his talent. I just so happened to have stumbled upon Leigh at the Rare Pair Long Island Sneaker show. While walking around shooting video everyone suddenly turned their attention towards the middle of the hall and out steps a 13 year old that commanded the audiences attention. This wasn’t what I was expecting and real talk, I wasn’t expecting much. How good could this kid be I asked myself. Instrumental comes on and its here we go with this bull @#$%. But then, then something special happened. Leigh came out strong, flow was on point, lyrics on point, stage presence through the roof. At 13 he handled himself like a veteran and it was apparent that what I was watching was a kid with superstar potential. Check out some clips from his performance at SRB’s in Brooklyn below and stay tuned for more from Leigh.